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My Story

Certified Coaching Professional since 2013. Living life on my own terms has been my lifelong journey.My passion is to help people break free of the societal, cultural, and family constructs that have kept them from living their lives on their terms. Letting go of living up to the expectations of others, giving up the limiting belief that I am not good enough, and healing the wounds of self-doubt and insecurity have been some of the greatest gifts of shadow work. There is a deep sense of peace from being in alignment with my soul's purpose, the unconditional love for who my soul came here to be, and the pure joy of stepping into the fullest expression of myself. But there is no greater joy than coaching others to free themselves from the limitations of their past so that they too can feel the satisfaction and contentment of being the master of their own lives.

Tools for Transformation

Coaching Session

Shadow Astrology


The Empowered YOU!

Experience shadow work and find your greatest gifts in your shadows!

Bring forth the TRUE you!

Feel FREE to live the life you were

meant to live!

Honor all of who you are so you can live a

life that feels authentic and true

to your soul. 

Alchemize your shadows and

step into your LIGHT!

For deeper insight, use your natal chart to see what karmic issues you may have brought into this life. The natal chart can provide clues as to how your soul intended to heal those issues, the challenges you may face,

as well as the remedies.
“Just as the sun shines through a glass…
the sun and the moon and all planets,

as wellas all the stars

and the whole chaos, are in man.”

Self-knowledge is essential for transformation.

Tarot is a powerful tool 

used to access

the wisdom

of our higher self.

It has the potential to help us

see the energies surrounding

the issues occurring in

our present circumstances.